The PoetryJoe Show

Chelsea TheatreJoin PoetryJoe, star of Cbeebie’s Rhyme Rocket, performer, writer and – of course! – poet, in his light-up, pop-up world of fabulous foods, beastly bugs and peculiar pets.

Armed with his trusty overhead projector and the props, pop-ups and pictures of John O’Leary, PoetryJoe introduces the children and their families to lots of new friends, including a naughty but nice hamster, a cheating cheetah, and a whole family made out of paper and light.

The PoetryJoe Show is a fun-packed, interactive family show suitable for 3s and up, incorporating elements of magic lantern, shadow puppetry and live poetry. Take part in the fun and learn how to make your very own poems that glow.   

A great introduction to poetry and spoken word for an early years audience and their families, the show spectacularly integrates interaction with performance, giving every child the chance to write and project their own poem.

Word Pepper co-founders Joseph Coelho and John O’Leary created The PoetryJoe show after meeting in a school in Billericay where they were forced to combine their talents for an unscheduled assembly. Joseph began to recite and John began to draw and the seed of a show was sown.

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